Donal Walsh Anniversary Mass at Knock

For the past 3 years we’ve had Donal’s Anniversary Mass in Knock, each year we have 3500 to 4000 students from across the country.

Students arrive at the Marian Shrine at 10am, we have speakers who give an inspirational message referring to their lives & experiences. After this we invite the students to attend the various workshops which are put on with teenagers in mind. Students will get a chance to meet & greet the speakers & Papal Nuncio Okolo.

Mass starts at 1.30pm & thankfully for the past 3years we’ve had Papal Nuncio Okolo say Mass,  during the Mass we will have another speaker, we have the wonderful Mercy Mounthawk Choir also.
The day finished about 2.30/3pm.

All the facilities of Knock are open to the students including the Chapel of Reconciliation.

Each year students get a lot from their Day at Knock so much so that quiet a few schools book in straight away for the following year. The feedback is very positive with some people telling me they come back to Knock with their families during the year.

Highlights from 2019