International Awards

Hugh O'Flaherty Award2

Mons. Hugh O’Flaherty International Humanitarian of the Year 2013

Hugh O'Flaherty Award1In the citation for this award recognized that:

“When facing his own impending death at the tender age of 16 years, Donal selflessly and bravely displayed deep humanity and concern for his fellow humans when he publicy pleaded with us to cherish every moment of our lives and step away from any thoughts or actions that would result in self-harm or death.”

Mons. Hugh O’Flaherty was a priest that recognized that “God has no country!” and served throughout the Second World War years protecting the vulnerable no matter their race, creed or colour.  In the occupied years in Rome he created the “Escape Line” for many who would have otherwise perished and when the city was liberated he made sure that the German and Austrian soldiers received fair treatment from the Allied forces.  Humanitarians like Mons. Hugh and Donal are “Ordinary people who do extraordinary things in their time!” noted Donal’s father upon receiving the award.


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