‘Make Every Second Count’ Livelife Film Competition


“Make Every Second Count” The Livelife National Film Competition

In May 2013, young Donal Walsh lost his cancer battle at 16 years of age. Prior to his passing he managed to get people, most especially young people, thinking and talking about how good life is and to focus on the positives rather than the negatives. Donal’s family began to receive donations from all over the world so that they could continue spreading his positive message and in any way prevent suicide. To date any monies received have been used to support teenage cancer patients and to prevent teenage suicide. 


His family want to continue spreading his message and that is how the live life film competition concept was born three years ago. The competition is a national one, open to all, the idea is to create a two minute clip of what living life means to people. This year’s theme is “Make Every Second Count”.  The competition culminates with an awards ceremony when the shortlisted movies are screened and the winners announced. Awards are presented to winning students who took part in the Live Life National Film Competition and the event is a celebration of life and love!  The short films produced as part of this competition are really excellent and very moving. The whole atmosphere at the event and with many young people present really proves life affirming. We anticipate about 1,500 attendees at this year’s event. Our 4th “Live Life Love” Day will be at the Brandon Conference Centre in Tralee on the 16th Feb  2017 (11am – 1pm) in honour of Donal –  an amazing teenager.

Closing date for entries: 31st January 2017


We want you to support this competition and continue Donal’s message.  More details are contained on the posters attached.


My contact details are MaryLuceyLiveLife@gmail.com my mobile is 087-9338941 if you need any further details.


Below are some clips and items originating from the initial concept.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kEeLtHvQWU (first year we started the project, 2013)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBLHP_Rm6AE (Song written and launched at last year’s event 2014 in honour of Donal)


Mary Lucey
Contact Number: 066-7191863/087-9338941
Email: MaryLuceyLiveLife@gmail.com

Click here to watch Highlights from our 2016 event.

Some Pictures from 2015 event:

2015 event watch highlights here

Pictures from the 2014 event:

2014 event watch highlights here

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