Local Awards

Garda Bravery Award 2009Garda Siochana Bravery Award 2009

Awarded to Donal for his bravery in the way he recovered his strength after his operation and first year of treatment to return as a trainer to his friends in the sports that he could no longer play.  He also received this award for assisting in the annual Garda Christmas street fundraising event by joining the band as their drummer.

Lee Strand Garda Award

Lee Strand/Garda Siochana Youth Achievement Award 2011

Given to Donal as overall winner in 2011 and he was nominated a second time in 2012 where he received a special commendation for his continued efforts in fundraising for Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children, Crumlin.  Donal was passionate in raising funds for providing teenage appropriate facilities in St. John’s Cancer Ward where he had been a patient for over a year and a half.  He was nominated on both occasions by his teachers and pupils of CBS, The Green, Tralee, his secondary school.

local hero award

Radio Kerry/Kerry’s Eye 2012

After Donal had written about his experiences through his first journey with Cancer and as a result of having raised, or had raised in his name, over €50,000.00 for the Teen Room in Crumlin he received this as the March winner.  It was at the presentation of this award that his further writings were discovered and his prominence grew to National and International attention.

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