Knight’s Festival Bungee Jump

The Knights of old jousted on horseback but the modern day Knights, particularly those of the Westfest, who challenge the individual Knights to face their own fears and Jump from a Bungee platform.

Knights of the west Festival Bungee Jump
Knights of the west Festival Bungee Jump

This year they have chosen the Donal Walsh #Livelife Foundation and L.E.I.S (Limerick Early Intervention Services) as their chosen Charities.  You can contact the Westfest directly to register on the following page We know that there are a few friends that want to undertake the task, but you can be sure Donal’s dad Fionnbar will not be one of them.  Donal wanted to do two things to show how he wanted to #Livelife which were a Bungee Jump and a Skydive but his body did not permit this, however if you would like to undertake the Westfest Knights challenge then do so with our positive mental support and #livelife!

There were 3 of Donal’s pals on this one, David Murphy, John Kelly & Hugh Stuart, who did one of Donal’s wish list jobs a Bungee jump.  Well done lads and thank yo to all at the Knights of Westfest in Newcastlewest who chose to do this for The Donal Walsh #Livelife Foundation 2014.  Anything but this for me lads…just don’t like the heights…


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